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The global F&B industry is at the tipping point of rapid digital transformation and increasing governmental pressure on sustainability. F&B companies are challenged by the growing consumer shift towardsthe environmentally-friendly packaging of food products, along with an increasing preference for trans-fat-free food and beverages.

A few market factors that are currently in play are worth considering here.

  • The zooming focus on health and well-being through food and drinks highlights the proclivity for high-health-quo, naturally-sourced consumables – translating into the increasing demand for and supply of ready-to-consume organic health foods and beverages.
  • With the World Health Organization’s REPLACE initiative that aims to expunge trans fats from the global food chain by 2023, manufacturers have already started producing trans-fat-free food products; however, the main challenge is bringing F&B companies across the world up to speed with this initiative.
  • The global brouhaha over creating a ‘plastic-free’ world is pushing food and beverage manufacturers to adopt biodegradable packaging formats, resulting in increased R&D efforts in the food packaging sector.
  • Manufacturers of F&B products are quick to leverage perpetual innovations in food technologies in an effort to satiate consumer appetency in terms of both quality and quantity – rapid digitization and technological advancements in the production, processing, and packaging of F&B products will continue to hold sway in the future.
  • In-depth R&D is the key to countervail nutrition and taste – brisk progress of quick service restaurants and fast food joints is compelling key industry stakeholders to adapt to a new wave of trends such as online food delivery, which has forayed into the mainstream in no time.
The food and beverage industry will continue to be steered by such emergent trends in the near future. Research Report Insights’s expert F&B consultants contrive actionable insights drawn by mining real-time data, thought leadership, and knowledge-emanating foresight.

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Consistently evolving dietary preferences result in highly impactful industry trends. Shifting consumer behavior and food consumption patterns is pivotal in creating a series of far-reaching ramifications on the smallest and largest of businesses. We extensively analyze how changing consumer trends present lucrative growth opportunities to food and beverage industry participants, including ingredient producers, food processors, packaged food producers, private label manufacturers, and retailers to eventually reposition their footprint in the global market.